Travel Series: Chile

Travel Series: Chile

Chile. A place hidden way down south. A place more diverse than any I have seen. A place that knocked the wind out of me at every turn because I did not know that a single country could possess so much beauty.

The twisted peaks of the Torres del Paine mountains were still dotted with snow in December. The rose and violet colors of the sunrise compelled me to wake up at dawn every day. The Patagonian weather was moody and temperamental. Hiking in the morning, we were welcomed by guanacos and fully fleshed rainbows. Ten miles later, rain and wind sleeted across the valley, in a beautifully chaotic way.

The north of the country could not be more different. The desolate landscape seemed like another planet entirely. The Atacama Desert boasted flamingos and salt flats. Deep red hues and the bluest skies I have ever seen.

The other corners of Chile wait as adventures for another day. Although I can only begin to imagine how many gems lay hidden there.

Words and Photos by Zoe King