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Travel Series: Miami

Travel, FeaturesDuke FORM
Travel Series: Miami

Four o’clock. Late November. A lazy Sunday afternoon on Miami’s South Beach. Visitors and
locals alike mingle together in a sea of beach towels and umbrellas. Bodies sprawl over the
sand in an attempt to catch the dying rays of sunlight.


The sun dips behind Ocean Drive and people begin to stir. The wind picks up and pieces of
clothing are piled on. Umbrellas close and the seagulls come out to scavenge. There are
those who continue to brave the Atlantic. There are those who keep their footprints well
away from the water line.



Sunlight continues to fade. People continue to flock. Another day, another chance to lay in
the warmth of a Miami fall. More footprints turn away from the shoreline. Beach towels are
thrown over shoulders. Chatter begins to fade, leaving only the chatter of the waves
brushing against the sand.


Words and Photos by Zoe King