Features, FashionDuke FORM


Features, FashionDuke FORM

This piece is a preview of FORM Vol. XXII, on departing from the duality that surrounds us. Vol. XXII will be available Thursday, April 18th at the Devil’s Krafthouse from 5-6:30pm.

Not Mr, not Ms — Mx. Nice to meet you.

You’ve met them before. They’re not a stranger. They aren’t quite two things coming together — they are one whole, remaining as it has always been. Lying on the line of masculine, pressed within feminine.

Their faces are not mirrors to the fear presented to them — they are tender and sweet. These intimate into freedom of expression prove that presently “properly” isn’t a list. “Properly” isn’t attractive. Lace and corduroy shouldn’t collide with each other like old friends, but they do. Eyes squinted, all that can be seen is something whole.

Colors don’t suit them; they suit the colors. Pink is flushed and bashful. Yellow is elated. White swoons in their presence.

Black is emboldened and poised. Green is covetous. Blue settles into them.


Eyes open, this feels different and better. Soft linens hold fast to thick dark trousers. Combat boots don’t belong on such dainty ankles. Their gazes are sturdy; stares that can be nestled into for safekeeping. And now we can see that they were always meant to be together. “Performance” doesn’t need to be dress-up or make-believe, and yet it feels like the end of a fairytale. Their faces are open and demanding, challenging you to accept their invitation.

They say opposites attract, and yet here they are attracted to one another, attracting you. They are blended so perfectly, connected and cohesive, breathing together. They’ve met you before. You’re no longer a stranger.

Two things are coming together and crossing at the middle, at the intersection, at the X.

words by kelly McLaughlin

Photos by Joseph Kim and Rae Hsu