Around 11am on a sunny Saturday afternoon, we gathered in a nondescript lot. It was a beautiful day, and the morning gave everyone on set a feeling for the potential of the day. The clothes the models wore were sourced from their wardrobes as well as thrift stores, collectively creating a look that was lived-in and comfortable. We took many group shots underlining the relationships that are fostered through skating despite it being a somewhat individual activity. Throughout the day we aimed to demonstrate the balance between the individual and the group, alluding to the themes of personal discovery and belonging featured in the film Mid90s, the inspiration for this shoot.

Mid90s, a coming of age film set in the skating world of 90’s LA is Jonah Hill’s directorial debut. The film emphasizes the independence and capacity for self-expression that skating offers as well as the strong relationships that result from it. Mid90s was released in theaters October 19th.

FORM and A24 are hosting a free screening of Mid90s at AMC Southpoint 17 Movie Theater in Durham, NC on Thursday, October 25th at 7:30pm.

Creative Direction by Ava Navarro and Dawn yune

Photographs by Hannah Yehudah

Words by Ava Navarro

Models: Spencer Ganus, Noah Mckee, Chris Staley, Duncan Decaire